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Specifications of  Print


  1. The negative is signed and stamped by artist

  2. Prints are Signed and stamped By Artist

  3. 70 Percent Platinum 30 percent Palladium certified content

  4. Printed on Arches 310 gsm cotton conservation platinum print paper     

  5. Edition number is written on each print.

  6. Prints are labelled precious metal content and signed/dated by printer

  7. Negative is destroyed/burnt after edition closes.

  8. Each print comes in an archival sleeve and a  presentation case  with a pair of archival gloves.

Q & A

Can you Frame my print?

We do not offer a Framing service at this time but we are currently compiling a recommended list of Archival level Framers worldwide. However your print will come in its own archival presentation box.

How long is Printing and delivery?

The Platinum Palladium process is a laborious artisanal printing technique. We aim to get the signed prints to collectors within 10 days. But we are sure you will find the wait worth it.

The Platinum Palladium prints process

  • In a platinum print, the paper is first coated by hand with a solution of light-sensitive platinum salts and left to dry in a process called sensitizing. The negative is then placed in direct contact with the sensitized paper and exposed via either sun or artificial ultraviolet light. Following exposure, the print is put in the developer and the clearing bath before the final wash. After the image is dried, the printer can repeat the process of coating the paper and exposing the negative multiple times if necessary. Deacidification of the paper is the final step, and the process results in a single-layer print with the image embedded in the paper fibers.

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