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SIZE ONE  30x40cm   (11.6 x 15.8 inches)   Limited edition of 12

SIZE TWO 42x57cm   (16.5 x 22.3 inches)   Limited edition of 12



Armani flower, Paris

Armani flower by Simon Procter

1 200,00 €Price
    • Limited edition in two sizes,  hand Printed in Paris
    • 70 Percent Platinum, 30 percent Palladium certified content
    • Printed on Arches 310 gsm cotton conservation platinum print paper
    • Prints are Signed, Dated, numbered and stamped by the Artist
    • Prints are labelled precious metal content and signed/dated by the printer
    • Each print comes in its own archival presentation case with a pair of archival musuem gloves for handling.
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